Who Are We and What Do We Do

Fundamentally, LitDEAL revolves around working with clients to become an extension of their resources so that their company can function better, more efficiently, and in a way that enriches the profitability of their company through providing outsourcing by quality workmen for greater profibility using the blockchain and smart contracts. 

Us being purest of hash technology we aim to revolutionize the commercial industry through outsourcing and keep creating real world businesses that can be applicable in the commercial industry of all sectors

This includes

Affordable solar power technology for miners and regular house hold use, Cryptokeys for our patent pending cryptolocks including Car ignition cryptocodes, SmartContracts for SmartHouses and appliances in those houses, Development and Research Teams to solve world problems,  grocery crypto bar scan codes for convience experiences, CryptoVisaCards, blockchain platform for music lovers and creationists for better financial gains, casino slots not only online, but in actual hardware trading in a casino I have contracts with. Blockchain voting to ensure a corruption free elections, outsourcing access for all necessities through patented internet portal, a global internet that is accessible for 24 hours activated by smart contracts off and online, a blockchain search engine to rival google through mass adoption in our created phones, tablets, computers, and last, but not least non manipulable crypto exchanges for proper gains that LitDEAL coin would be the mediator.

Where awesome, what have we done thus far?

3 intellectual patents and 1 patent pending for the official website so that consumers can have easy access and view-able portal to credited freelancers of all backgrounds alike. 

Negotiated deals with land owners within the city of Vegas NV, Los Angeles. Ca, New York NY, for stationaries and activities involving the creation of using crypto for real world values.

Negotiated a deal with private outsorucing giant that makes the majority revenue for fortune 500 companies for hardware and software development in industries accessible that meet the 5 necessities of life. 

Now talking to the Leading Tech Developer of the largest solar plant in the world for access to his expertise and work crew

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